Company Profile

Excelsior has been a reputable Diecaster since 1987, now specialising in High Pressure Diecasting using Aluminium and Zinc Alloys.

Excelsior has a diverse range of customers and products including, White Goods, Electronics, Camera Support Equipment, Train Braking Systems, Electrical Lighting, Building Industry, Commercial Solutions, Automotive and Excelsior is a small diecasting facility, catering for short run-Single cavity tools, as well as high volume production runs using multi-cavity tools.

The machine capacity of the company ranges from 225Tonnes to 650Tonnes Cold chamber machines in Aluminium and 160Tonnes Hot chamber machine in Zinc.

Excelsior uses Visi-Track shot monitoring system for machine set up and maintenance diagnostics.

The expertise of Excelsior is a one stop shop that can assist customers from product concept design to production completion. With the ability to help customers in tool design, Excelsior can achieve both a win win situation for the customer and plant production yields.

Excelsior’s employees have the ability to satisfy customer needs by understanding at an engineering level to quickly resolve quality related issues.

Through having an understanding of the industry, Excelsior is able to offer good customer support and delivery times. Excellent customer service is maintained through quick and accurate decisions on production, quality and communication with the support and help of the Factory Manager, who is a hands-on engineer and toolmaker.

Excelsior has been quality assured for over 12 years and is currently accredited to ISO 9001, enabling us to maintain consistent quality to our customers.

Excelsior has been a member of the Australian Diecasting Association for 20 years and has had an active representative on the ADCA Committee for more than 15years.