Company History

1987: EDC began as a Gravity Diecaster.


1999: EDC acquired the business of Australian Die Casting at Padstow, and moved the plant equipment  and staff to the Rhodes,


2000: New Factory Manager begins with EDC where it is able to expand its identity and expertise in High Pressure Diecasting.


2001: Gravity division sold off to Turville Engineering, allowing EDC to focus on High Pressure Diecasting in Aluminium and Zinc Alloy.


2007: EDC is sold to Traffic Technologies Ltd.


2008: EDC is purchased from Traffic Technologies Ltd by it’s current owner, and changes its name to Excelsior Diecasting Company Pty Ltd.


2010: A Mazac horizontal CNC machining centre is purchased to increase our casting services to our customers and improve quality and price competiveness.


2011: A six axis Motorman Robot is purchased to automate one diecasting machine  to run as a complete cell to maintain consistent cycle times.